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Why was PSMG℠ formed?

In 2001 PK Suchdev, MD established Pain Solutions℠, the first multi-disciplinary pain management clinic in Southern New Hampshire. As Pain Solutions℠ grew, Dr. Suchdev invested in a management team to build the processes and systems that would enable him to focus on delivering excellent patient care while maintaining a productive work environment and maximizing practice revenues.

Pain Solutions℠ grew more successful as a practice, developing a strong brand in a competitive market, and other practices began to inquire about how they could have the same success. It was then that Dr. Suchdev developed Pain Solutions Management Group as a service for other physicians, believing that physicians need to be back in control of the health care system. To do that in an increasingly complex environment, physicians need the right tools, particularly electronic medical record software and tools to maximize medical billing. Our EMR is customized to meet the needs of pain management physicians.

We've developed, tested and refined those tools over the past ten years in our practice. Now we're making our tools available to you so you can take control of your practice.

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